Folk Road Show make your living room feel like a theatre and a theatre feel like your living room. As the name suggests, the international group is anything but a conventional band and more a traveling folk variety show that could have been put together by  PT Barnum and Bob Dylan, with Jack Kerouac consulting. Consisting of five singer-songwriters from three continents: Dominique Fricot (CAN), Benjamin James Caldwell (AUS), Olaf Caarls (NL), Pieter van Vliet (NL), and Nick Petrowich (CAN), they’ve toured both Canada and Europe extensively taking roots-americana stylings of The Band and CSNY painting it with the youthful spirit of Fleet Foxes and Beirut.

At first listen, the band appears as a chamber folk vocal group, but each member has their own story to tell. Folk Road Show constantly rotates lead singers, showcasing each member  while swapping instruments and supporting with soothing five-part harmonies. Slight tinkles of mandolin, woven with banjo and feathery acoustic guitars will suddenly be broken by a brash trombone blast, filling the room with energy. The show’s arc plays out more like a folk ballet than a traditional performance with storytelling transitioning to a-capella intermezzos twirling into full-band rock. Van Vliet’s mysterious, chilling tale of “Harbour” silences the room, setting the mood while Fricot’s “Something in the Water”, sprinkled with a South African flavour that hasn’t mingled with folk music since Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, will have you on your feet doing your best “Hey Mickey” clap-along.

In a little over two years, the band has toured Canada twice and Europe three times, about to embark on a fourth. FRS has played over 200 shows at venues and festivals across both continents including Arts Wells (2015-16), Tiny Lights Festival (2015), Golden Sound Festival (2016), and Rootstock, AB (2016), and the Life I Live (Den Haag, NL), Sniester Festival (Den Haag, NL), Oerol Festival (Terschelling, NL) and Melodica Festival (Groningen, NL) . After releasing their self-titled debut album in the summer of 2016 by the American label Classic Waxxx, the band is currently working on their second studio album “Gold” (half recorded in Canada by JP Maurice, and half in Europe by Town of Saints’ Harmen Ridderbos) and is set to release the lead single of the same name to European radio and media streams April 14, 2017.